Board of Directors:

  1. Mary Connelly, Retention Committee
  2. Lucy Cressey, Secretary, Appreciation Committee
  3. Bob Crink, Vice President, Fundraising Committee
  4. Jane B. Good, Director, Community Center, Community Center Committee
  5. Alice Grant, Appreciation Committee
  6. Shawn Lewin, Finance, Fundraising, & Community Center Committees
  7. Connie Machon, Director, Seniors Walk at the Y Program
  8. Donna Morey, Community Center Committee
  9. Margaret Perritt, Community Center Committee
  10. Pamela Reed,  Finance & Fundraising Committees
  11. Sandra Rumery, Appreciation Committee
  12. Capt. Ted Schmidt, Community Center Committee
  13. Terri Ann Serino, Fundraising Committee
  14. Patricia Seybold, President, Director People Helping People Program, Fundraising Committee

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Wellness Foundation Annual Meeting 2013

Wellness Foundation Annual Meeting 2013

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