Learn How to do Online Medical Research–Monday, March 9th

Free Forum: How to do Online Medical Research

 Do you, or someone you love, have symptoms you’re concerned about? Or, do you know what condition you have, but would like to be sure you know about all the treatment options? TBoothbay Harbor Memorial Library 2003oday, it’s easier than ever before for patients to do their own medical research using the many resources on the Internet. This can be confusing and scary for patients. And, it can be annoying for their physicians, when patients walk in with printouts of diagnoses or promises of miracle cures.

Yet, there is mounting evidence that today’s physicians, even specialists, don’t have the time to stay abreast of all the medical research that’s out there. There are over 23 million medical articles indexed on Medline alone, with new articles published each year! A patient with a personal concern has the motivation and the time to scour the Internet to locate the most recent information about diagnoses and treatment options, which she can then provide to her physician so they can discuss options.

Join us on March 9th from 1 to 3:30 pm at the Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library to learn how to do your own medical research on the Internet.

Tim McFadden, Director, Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library

Tim McFadden, the Library Director, will be the featured speaker at this important free educational event. This will be a “show and tell” format. You’ll learn:

  • Which online websites you can trust to provide accurate, unbiased information
  • How to discover whether the information you’ve found is trustworthy, accurate, and current
  • How best to save and share your online research with others in your family
  • How best to share your findings and questions with your physician and/or your specialist

Members of the Boothbay Region Empowered Patients Study Group will be on hand to help you research topics/diseases of concern to you, and to debunk the mysteries of using the library’s computers and Internet access to do your own research.

The Empowered Patients study group was formed after e-Patient Dave deBronkart gave a Wellness Foundation-sponsored presentation in July 2014, about how becoming an empowered and engaged patient literally saved his life!

Dave deBronkart spoke in Boothbay Harbor in July, 2014.

Dave deBronkart’s physician, Dr. Daniel Z. Sands, offers these rules for smart web use, in their book: Let Patients Help!:

  1. Book-cover-final-3-20-13“Ask your doctor is she has any suggestions on where to start looking—she may know of some useful sites.
  2. Learn how to identify good vs. bad health websites
  3. Don’t take an online diagnosis too seriously until confirmed by a healthcare professional.
  4. Let your doctor know which websites you find useful—she may want to look at them and refer other patients to them.”

Please join us on Monday, March 9th, at 1 pm to learn how you can become a more educated patient or patient advocate for your family.

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