Awesome Seniors’ People Helping People Program

We have an active group of seniors who are working on a neighbor-to-neighbor program designed to help local seniors thrive in their homes. Here are the key components of our program:

  • A Coordinated Set of Services that can be made available to all local seniors, regardless of income to ensure that they remain happy and healthy as they age gracefully in their own homes.
  • A Coordinator who can help seniors find and book the resources and services they need.
  • A 24-hour health safety net — someone you can call if you need help in the middle of the night (or someone who will know if you need help in the middle of the night).
  • Storm and Emergency Help: Proactive checking on one another whenever there is a major storm, as well as daily wellbeing check-ins.
  • Community Engagement–easy access to community events.
  • Transportation Services — Affordable, convenient transportation for errands, recreation, as well as medical appointments.
  • Senior Center — A meeting and activity place.
  • Senior Fitness — FREE physical fitness activities we can engage in year round.

Awesome Seniors’ Seniors Walk Free at the Y Program

Our first “win” was the Seniors Walk Free at the Y Program, which launched in March, 2014 with the support of the Boothbay Region YMCA.

Awesome Seniors' 1st program: Seniors Walk Free at the Y

Awesome Seniors’ 1st program: Seniors Walk Free at the Y

Boothbay Region Health Care, Inc.

Integrated, Primary Care with Behavioral and Mental Health

For over 2 years, our Strategic Planning Group has been working to develop a new model of integrated primary care for residents and visitors to the Boothbay Region. Our plan is to begin rolling that out, with the support of the community, in 2015, under the auspices of Boothbay Region Health Care, a non-profit that has been incubated by the Boothbay Region Health & Wellness Foundation. In 2015, we hope, with your help, to launch our Boothbay Region Health Center.


 Empowered Patients

In mid-2014, one of the Foundation’s “Third Thursday” educational forums spawned a new program: our speaker, Dave deBronkart (e-Patient Dave) inspired a group of us to focus on enabling consumers to become more empowered and engaged in their own healthcare. Dr. Steve Cook launched an Empowered Patient Study Group in the Fall of 2014. The members of the group learned how to take control of their own medical records, how to do their own medical research, how to communicate more effectively with their clinicians, and how to be prepared for any medical encounter.

Participants in the Empowered Patients Study Group

Participants in the Empowered Patients Study Group

In 2015, the Empowered Patient Study Group is now rolling out public seminars once a month. These Empowered Patient Forums will take place the second Monday of each month through May, 2015, and then resume again in September, 2015.

Additional Needs:

In addition to the three active projects mentioned above, we have a number of other high priority needs we’d like to tackle. Please contact us if you’d like to help address any of these needs:

Substance Abuse

Our region suffers from multi-generational alcohol and drug abuse. In the past we have had good programs to help both kids and adults stay sober and happy. Our goal is to bring those programs back and to beef them up so we can address this disease and help those at risk and those in recovery.


Mental & Behavioral Health

4.1.1In Maine:

  • Highest % substance abuse
  • Highest % of alcohol and substance abuse in teens
  • Highest % of youth suicide
  • High incidence of under-treated mental health issues

Yet, we have very few mental health professionals on our peninsula. Our goal is to ensure that anyone with mental health issues can get help and treatment right here on the peninsula, so they can live a full and vital life without the shadow of depression or other illnesses.

We also want to uproot bullying in our schools.

Healthy Kids and Kids at Risk

Kids and moms on beachOur future is in our kids’ hands. We want to be sure that we detect problems before they loom large, and to keep our kids healthy, safe and happy!

The Foundation will support programs both in the schools and outside of schools for all kids in the region.



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